Tuesday, August 02, 2005

FREE Sticky Content & FREE Personal Growth Solutions

I'm happy to report to you that soon you'll be able to get sticky content for your website that is automatically updated without you having to do anything except place a tiny bit of code on your web page. Doing that is simple. You'll just copy/paste it. This free dynamic content will be delivered in channels with each news ticker having a specific focus to help fill the need for dynamic automatically update content for niche websites.

The first one released provides tips in connection with one of the largest niche markets being promoted today. Do you have any idea which market that is? Self Improvement.

What's even more dynamic and unique about the NEW DAY SELF IMPROVEMENT news ticker is that subscribers questions on relationships or personal growth/self improvement will sometimes be published with my professional reply. New Day readers will also get special announcements and exlusive offers. (But they'll be made to the mailing list first.)
Oh, and you do know that you get terrific bonuses when you join private subscriber list?

All you have to do now is subscribe and send your request for the source code to place at your website. That's it, just a few simple steps and you get FREE sticky content that is automatically remotely updated to produce dynamic content that will give your visitors another reason to return to your website.