Friday, April 20, 2007

PBWiki deserves a round of applause

You've heard of the wiki page, but have you heard of PBWIKI?

Their tagline is: “Make a PBwiki as easily as a peanut butter sandwich”.
That's because setting up a PBwiki is free and takes only 10 seconds, literally :-)

We have been using the service for a year now and it has recently gone ad free for educational pbwiki(s) like ours. Have you seen it yet? If not, feel free to learn more here AFTER you take the Pbwiki tour.

What we have enjoyed most is the ease of use. There has been virtually no learning curve...and when the time came to learn how to do more there are wonderful tutorials. To say that I've found the pbwiki as a tool to be inspiring is an understatement. It represents one example of how "bootstrap" technology can help transform the world....for the better.
Our project grew from the question, "what can i do?" with regard to achieving the UN led Millenium Development Goals. However what has emerged has been the concept and product beginnings for automating global social responsibility.

Check out the PBwiki tour!

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