Monday, October 31, 2005

Instant Relationship Readings


Do you have bad relationships at work or in your personal life?

Because many of you reading this right now wish you didn't define yourself or life by the relationships that have gone bad I've made Instant Relationship Readings available to everyone using a Windows PC. You'll find Clarity 2.0 affordable for everyone. If the situation described doesn't apply to you personally, you know some for whom that is true.
I've got great news for you. The asking price for Clarity 2.0 has been slashed. My other projects are progressing well and until the launch of Clarity Online (members only) the personal coaching clients I work with will be a very select few. Since that is no longer being offered as a free bonus, reducing the price was common sense.

A significant amount of my focus is on WEBAntiphon CRM and a couple of new personal creative projects. And that means you can now get your Instant Relationship Reading for about the same price of one psychic reading except Clarity delivers again and again without all the vague mumbo jumbo. When I first ventured into the world e-Consultation software it was my vision that personal coaching self-help techniques be used to help as many people as possible. The reduced price assures.

Look, it gets even better --- for this incredibly reduced price, you still get around a dozen bonuses plus a tool for your own personalized Instant Relationship Readings whenever you need them.

Because it's unlike a psychic reading, you don't have to trust a psychic reader to help you see the truth. If you've been searching for the cure to "Bad Relationship Syndrome" then Instant Relationship Readings with Clarity 2.0 is just the cure you need. It's even been endorsed by a clinical social worker with Masters Degree, just read the testimonial for yourself.

Now about the business of marketing...
1. New Press
2. How Not to Do Business

WebAntiphon Inc. Moves Into Year One With Focused Web-Based CRM Services

CRM, Marketing & PR Provider WebAntiphon Inc. Helps Businesses and Enterprises Deploy Effective Communication Strategies

"Los Angeles, CA (FV Newswire) - WebAntiphon CRM (, an innovative new Web based CRM provider, announces the availability of its customer relationship management, public relations and marketing programs services for not for profit agencies, chambers of commerce and small businesses across the country.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, WebAntiphon will provide not for profit agencies, associations and small businesses across the country with a suite of CRM solutions as well as Public Relations, Marketing and Web Development services."

What's not mentioned in the press release quoted above some exciting, but top secret, developments to be announced over the next several months. I'll post here about upcoming press, contest, events, etc.

A lesson in how not to do business

For the last month or so I had been in a sense courting a signficiant potential client. Although I'm tempted to give names I will instead share this...because I thought one member of their team was a person of integrity I did not push the issue of signing a non-disclosure or non-compete agreement. In retrospect that was obviously a huge mistake (since the CEO is a legal expert) as I recently saw aspects of my presentation implemented within their organization. Sure, it could just be a coincedence, but I find that hard to believe under the specific circumstances. I sent a congratulatory message indicating that I was glad they found my ideas to be valuable and suddenly got no response.

If it had been some kind of misunderstanding, don't you think I would have at least gotten an apology or alternate explaination? All in all it worked out for the best because I wouldn't want to work with a company that operates that way, nor would I recommend them...that includes colleagues who look for places for their clients to advertise or form strategic partnerships. For legal reasons I won't publically smear them, but the experience has given me sufficient grounds to not recommend doing business with them to clients and peers.

I'm a firm believer in karma...besides what they ripped off was barely a hint of what my team could have done for them, so it's their loss. They got crumbs when I could have delivered (on budget) the cake with icing, the perfect decor and the ideal guests .