Friday, August 26, 2005

What's the fuss about diamonds?

Who doesn't know what the word "bling" means? It's actually so much a part of the contemporary vocabulary that it's been included in the dictionary. How much do you know about the reality behind that term?

There's a much anticipated documenaty called "Bling: A Planet Rock" by Raquel Cepeda, co-director and former editor-in-chief of Russell Simmons’ One World Magazine. She's set to travel back to Sierra Leone with some of America’s most popular rap artists in December. She hopes that the film, which she says is “a theatrical documentary that’s sometimes satirical, but very accessible and palatable for people in our generation,” will help open the eyes of young people of color to a well-kept secret back in the motherland.
You're encouraged to investigate for yourself and learn the full story. Start with the link above and then read this statement from DIC pans Kayne West song, 'Diamonds from Sierra Leone'