Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Greenspan & the Surge in INTERNET Businesses Due to Declining Traditional Incomes

PRESS RELEASE for Immediate Distribution

Do you want a profitable business and a happy personal life?

You may not have realized that indirectly Greenspan (aided by stock market trends, and legislation favoring corporate downsizing) is helping to push the the Surge in INTERNET Businesses due to declining traditional incomes. However, this doesn't mean you have to lay down and play dead...accepting what someone else decides you deserve. This announcement is intended to offer you encouragement and direction.

If you've come online to do business then you need the best help you can get because you're not alone. Maybe your sales are static because your prices are static. If you want dynamic sales, then you need dynamic pricing on dynamic products. Now you can easily find the solution to address all these needs.

Annual incomes have taken the hardest hit in eleven years and this has spurred many to come online seeking their fortunes or least a living. Underemployment is a glaring reality that seems to go largely ignored. But there are proactive solutions....

If you have an online business or are considering one, you’re more than likely hoping it will grow to become your main source of income. Job security is not guaranteed anymore and this new reality will inspire many people around the world to use the internet as a means of attaining economic freedom which could translate into political capital. (Read more about that here)
This is the reality that inspired Mrs. Dubel to create the EXTREME Wealth Building Kit.

Enhancement Consulting's Yvette Dubel has made a deal with John Delavera to assemble what is being called your "EXTREME Wealth Building Kit". This amazing deal is for those of you starting or seeking to grow your business.

If you knew that the price of something you intended to buy today would increase in the next hour, would you pay right now? Silly question? Did you know that 2% of the respondents thought it was a trick question? The other 98% said YES! YES! YES!

The EXTREME Wealth Building Kit provides everything but the determination and persistence to ensure that you succeed online. It contains the tools for your life enhancement, as well as increasing the profitability of your online business.

"The best news is that many of the products are new and come with resell rights, so you can actually launch your online business with some of the components in the EXTREME Wealth Building Kit," announced Dubel.

You can learn more about this incredible offer at EnhancementConsulting.net