Saturday, August 27, 2005

Are you trapped in a bad relationship?

Before I continue with this, understand I'm not talking about domestic violence. If you're being abused you need to leave immediately and get help. It won't get better until you remove yourself. As a child I witnessed the horror of domestic violence, and the best thing that ever happened was my Mother having the courage to leave. In doing so, she saved us both. I will be forever grateful to her for that and all the other gifts she's given to me...perhaps the greatest being to model what love in action looks like.
Sure I could sugar coat this to avoid offending anyone, but there simply is no getting around this....


Now that's not to say that I'm not sympathetic to those of you who feel you're suffering in a bad relationship, but the bottom line is you grant your consent by your presence in the relationship. Perhaps, you feel your situation isn't that simple.....It's complicated.

Maybe, that's true. But that doesn't change the facts of the matter and it doesn't mean your situation is hopeless. Far from it.

In fact, it isn't even as simple as leaving the bad relationship because unless you address the root issues....why you're in that kind of relationship....chances are that you'll simply end up in another bad relationship.

I developed Clarity 2.0 because it helps you look objectively at what's really going on and what you're feeling. In the end you get down into what your true motivations are. What do I mean by that?

Well, you're in the situation you're in for a did you end up in it to begin with? What red flags did you ignore? And most importantly, what's the pay off to you for being there?

Yes, you're getting something out of it or it wouldn't have materialized in your wouldn't have selected that person or remained in the relationship otherwise.

A common pay off for having bad relationships is you get to be right. It can prove you're right about what a jerk the other person is....or prove that you really will never find someone who'll love you....or it could be a way of validating that you don't deserve to be loved or happy.

Are any of those true for you? Then you need to contact me today because I always a free consultation. That allows us both the opportunity to make sure we're a good match. I'm posting in the "news ticker" the qualities I look for in an ideal client. If you stop by and check it out and then you feel we'd be a good match you can reach me by posting here or emailing me from here. Your new free email Relationship Rescue courses will be ready shortly. There will be one for "bad relationships" and one for "infidelity recovery".