Saturday, September 17, 2005

Haliburton Whistleblower as a Marketing Message?

Today any marketing campaign depends on a relationship marketing strategy if it is to be successful. Haliburton has certainly dealing with that issue, because even though shareholders maybe happy (for now) the relationship nightmare has to have them worrying about customers and the public relations damage. It seems the strategy has mostly been to stay quiet, but how long can that play hold out?

The lessons are many, but it is yet another warning regarding the misuse of relationships and trust. Wait, this does have a marketing tie-in...reaching your customers means putting yourself out there a bit and supporting them in what is important to them.

In my case, that's relationships and so often in interpersonal relationships people may misdirect their frustrations with the political/social situation. The solution is helping to empower them to be proactive.

It's worth considering making this kind of strategy the focal point of your campaign. Of course, you will never get the sale if you don't just ask for it, but focus your content on serving the customer.

Where does the buck stop on the issues made glaringly obvious in the Senate Haliburton Contracts in Iraq Hearing?

Unfortunately, I can't provide a direct link to the video for this one, but here's the site where you'll find it.

I'm a significant proponent of self improvement because it is vital to continuous character building. We are all, at our best, works in progress. Our social/political climate mirrors that reality of the human condition.

Mrs. Bunnatine Greenhouse was an impressive witness illuminating the "hostile environment" created through the profiteering that generously benefited Haliburton. She is a reminder that nothing changes unless individuals courageously stand up and tell the truth. She ensures that you have concrete evidence with which to present
to your representatives who stand silently by ignoring the will of the people

Where do you stand on this issue?
Do you feel that your representatives need to take a lesson in relationship marketing?

Since I think skewed relationship valuation is largely responsible for the emphasis on the strongest mirages of power where the honor is removed. It is a difficult topic to discuss without getting into the ways that the superficial has come to define what is in mainstream. Appearence is hyped beyond substance - confined by the flippant click of passe.

Does the idea of providing content that supports your visitors in being proactive using the tools our system offers to the best of your ability, advocating for civility and peace by your methods, appeal to you?

This can open the door to specific niche markets.