Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Pushing Devastation on Multiple Fronts

Without a doubt the top story in relation to hurricane Katrina has been the lives lost and devastated. In the coming weeks reports on the dollar amount of the damage are sure to come rolling in, but the emotional toll will be felt for years to come. My heart and prayers go out to the survivors. Please visit the Red Cross or Salvation Army to find out more about how you can assist.

Because this devastating storm has caused so much destruction there will be a need for long term support. In planning for my HeartCentered Joint Venture a group of partners will be gathering to explore how to best include a number of worthy causes including that one.

On the economic side of things......
The harsh reality of moving forward requires practical solutions to economic threats resulting from the personal devastation. People or businesses that have been destroyed as well as those that depended on them to do business have to develop alternative strategies quickly.

Following Katrina wholesale gas prices have reached $3 a gallon in the Gulf Coast which could indicate a retail spike nationwide. The typically lower prices in the southeast are expected to become a memory.

This effects you as an everyday driver, but it also effects the prices of a number of services and goods. How is your business going to cope with the unavoidable gasoline pricing increase?

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