Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Your Interest In Exclusive Offers

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Hello everyone!

First, I beg your forgiveness for not posting this on Monday as I had intended...well, I've been catching up with myself.

I remembered recently that I must take my own advice. Since I know we are all here to learn from each other, let me tell you what happened.

The plan started out being that I was going to get work on finishing up one project and then use the rest of the day to revel in joyous pleasures. Ha!

I juggled the responsibilities of the day and continued working until 4pm only to pause to make dinner. Of course by the time it was ready to eat my mood was getting foul because I wanted a day of spa treatments. Instead I felt forced to decide between nagging my children to do what they needed to do or tackle a few more things on my to do list.

Well, I chose both and found myself pulling away from the computer in the wee hours of the morning, yet again. But what kept me working all day was the new idea ignited when a suggestion from a web visitor sparked my frustration.

Well, that inspired the new additions to the site. As promised, you will be the first as my subscribers to know when special offers are on the way.

I'll be adding two members only areas in the coming weeks. One for self help resourcs which include links to information about self care. And one for small business resources that will include valuable multimedia presentations and products.

Tell me, do you have any interest in a forum to support this ezine? Depending on the feedback, and here the amount of feedback is vital, I'll decide whether or not to add that feature.

So that's my version of "the dog ate my homework". I got engrossed with where the positive channel for my frustration took me, so here I am today with the update I hope you were anxiously waiting for ;-)

Behind The Veil Live! is now ready for your listening pleasure at

Psst....Tell a friend.

Free Email Course and Interactive Online Workshop

Enhancement Consulting is offering a free email course and online workshop as introductory components in the Heartbreak to Elation series. The first installment is called Heartbreak Rescue.

Clients and subscribers will get first priority for the limited spots for the free online workshop expanding on the lessons in the email course. The online workshop will be on a Wed. or a Sat. Tell me which you prefer by sending me your vote using the form at the website or just send me an email to simpleplan@enhancementconsulting.net with "vote" in the subject heading.

I need to know how many of you want to attend. The dates currently available are July 21,24,28 or 30th. Please cast your vote b/c at this point the flexibility exist to offer one event for subscribers first and then have one the following week for everyone else.

Now I'm letting you know before the press release goes out next week. If I get no response this will be the last time I hold subscriber spots for such an event. Everyone will find out at the same time and it'll create less work for me if your nonaction indicates I'm wasting my time.

Oh, the free ecourse. Heartbreak Rescue is a Six Lesson course intended to help those in relationship recovery to heal and journey from painful defeat to trimuphant success. The free email course will be available starting July 5, 2004 at http://www.enhancementconsulting.net using the form to submit their request. After that a welcome message will be emailed to you within 24 hours. No need to respond because each week one of the lessons will arrive in your email box. The Heartbreak to Elation interactive workshop will be also be offered absolutely free of charge online, but will require preregistration for a limited number of spaces using the form at the website.

Who Needs Heartbreak to Elation?

Did you know that of the over 5 million people cohabitating that 55% of them will break up before getting married? And we all know that marriage statistics aren’t much more encouraging. At present I think the divorce rate is around 54% in the U.S.

My Simple Plan Personal Coaching System(c) can make a difference in your life. I don't want to see your relationships become a part of those statistics. That's why I urge you to work on, build up and transform the one you have with yourself first. After all, that is the common ingredient in every problem relationship you have.

The same relationship issues that flare up in your personal life take a toll on your professional life. So you see, your relationship to yourself is vital to your success in life.

This free series is based on the exact same priniples as my Simple Plan System(c), so you see this is material will benefit anyone not stranded alone on a remote island.

So if you know someone that would benefit from completing the course send them a link to Enhancement Consulting

I thank you in advance for your help in spreading the word and I am especially grateful for your interest and support.

Praise for Explode Potential Into Success

"Yvette Dubel has created an e-book that covers all the basics and gives some pretty interesting resources to boot. I like to think that I know about lots of resources, and I do. But it's a big world out there, and I am the first to admit I don't know everything. This e-book has value for both the experienced entrepreneur and the novice."
Bal Simons

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Testing Your Interest In Exclusive Offers

This almost the end and I hope you'll forgive the absence of the trivia question and motivation morsel. They'll make into the next full edition. This is a Special Edition Update.

If you're interested in the free email course, send me an email to the address given for casting your votes or using the form at the site and I'll get you set up this week to get started.

IF I get a decent response to this offer I'll seriously consider making the new resources section an exclusive area for subscribing members. Essentially dedicating part of my online home to creating a place for you to learn and gather.

All I need is to hear from you. If I hear nothing that will tell me more about where you are on your path to success than any survey. For better or worse I'd certainly rather know the truth. However, I have faith in you. I am going to believe that you are go-getters who aren't afraid to seize a new opportunity to progress farther faster...until the contrary is proven to me. But I don't expect that to happen because you know what you need to do and you're ready to do it.

Besides, you're not making this journey alone. We've crossed paths now and it is my mission to strengthen your support system and help nudge you towards your desired.

You know what I'm offering and you know its real value. I look forward to getting your comments this week.

Have a great day!

Here for your success,
Y. Dubel