Thursday, July 27, 2006

In Formation, if not under construction

Last time you were invited to join me on a journey. And i've decided this is the time and place for exploring what the journey is about and why you need to come along. From a certain perspective this little adventure is like others that invite you to peek behind the curtain. Only in this case you see the wizard in control is you. Whatever you believe to be true, it is you who makes that decision so how can it be otherwise?

After you've gone down the rabbit hole, then what?

That's the dilemma that i faced that led me to take the dramatic step of moving my business to Comfusion

I know some people would say it's crazy to orchestrate the collision to jumpstart the formation of a new ring galaxy and I ask you this....

Have the solutions to the world's BIG problems ever come from what was being said by most people?

That being said, this isn't about some faceless mass of people. It is about you and me. I've invited you to join me on this journey accepting that we are discovering it as we go. And since i've started this blog it has been searching to find it's voice through me. Well, I believe Cultural Fusion was the magic connection that I'd been hoping for...

Now that i've found it i can't see saying no thanks, the risk is just to great. There's much more at risk IF i walk away and ignore the pull it has on me. i have willingly been swept up into the formation of new galaxy called comfusion. i'd like to actually invite you in to see what it looks like now, but i can't because the dust has yet to settle. What i mean is there's literally no place for you to step as of yet. Comfusion is in formation and that must be complete before construction can begin on Hotel Infinity, the luxurious accomodations being prepared for guests and members.

In the meantime what does that mean? For now what that means is that parts of the Cultural Fusion will be housed where they are expressed until a home is completed for them in Hotel Infinity. Right now it is Ron Wopereis who is allowing comfusion to grow in the same space that his Theory of Attention is evolving within.

For now that's the window into the formation of Comfusion. For me it's like watching a baby grow. And if you think i've gone too far, then ask yourself how far one needs to be willing to go to see an end to extreme poverty and slavery in this lifetime?


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