Monday, September 12, 2005

The Upside of Hurricane Katrina Evacuations

Have you ever been to The Delta and had the experience of getting to know the folks that define the region?

There are many people struggling to recover from the impact of hurricane Katrina. A key part of that recovery depends on finding opportunities for gratitude and celebration. There's an opportunity that I'd like to point out...the chance people across the nation will now have to know the heart of The Delta -- the goodness, the strength and ingenuity of its inhabitants.

Remember that the media lens view is only as clear as that of the person directing it when you find yourself getting caught up in controversial topics like "looting". This is a time for helping the recovery effort by remembering to express gratitude and appreciation for what is good.

The fine people of The Delta existed before becoming victims of hurricane Katrina. You must be willing to be critical of your pressumptions because the successful renewal of life that awaits The Delta and the nation depends on being willing to see the fullness of an individual instead of through the singular lens of hurricane vicitim. That is not a required part of extending your help.

Now that the survivors are faced with the difficult job of moving forward....finding reasons to tackle another day and feel good about greeting the world only with the gifts of self we must be prepared to appreciate them.

The upside of having the evacuees in your neighborhood is you get the chance to know them. Extend to them the love, kindness and support you would most appreciate if it were you on the other end.

You have more in common than not.


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