Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Clarity 2.0 is ready and you can start for FREE

You asked for it. Clarity™ 2.0 is now ready.

What's new with this version, first of all, the update is accompanied by the latest version of Clear Strategy™ 2.0 .

What does that mean?It means that when combined with the Unleashing the Power of Your Simple Plan© eBook primer (pdf format) you have the complete Simple Plan Personal Coaching System™ at your fingertips.

In terms of feature enhancements, both Clarity™ 2.0 & Clear Strategy™ 2.0 offer more user control during installation, better graphic interface, more engaging final analysis report generation, and more extensive support resources. Both are still for PCs only, but a Mac friendly version is in development.

With this product upgrade announcement it all boils down to greater value for you, the end user.

Were you one of the lucky folks that picked up either product at its introductory price? If not those offers have passed and the current price can change without advance notice.

For instance, how many new personal coaching clients will I take on in conjunction with this offer? If you have any interest in being one of the fortunate people to reap the benefits of Clarity, avoid delay.

As if that's not enough, I've even revised the offer to ensure you can get started for FREE today. That means that whatever your circumstance, personal or professional, you can leave second rate living behind.


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