Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Look, You Need to Know

Healy Communications, Miller Research Group and Transcontinental Printing recently collaborated to survey 100 catalog executives. It is rather predictable that the top priority with most respondents (78%) was increasing sales revenue from catalogs that were put in the hands of consumers. Coming in at a close second (73%) indicated that increasing revenue from their website is near the top of their list.

Any decision maker or business owner charged with cutting cost and increasing revenue can benefit from lessons learned in the catalog sales industry. Have you clearly identified what the priorities are for your business or organization? If so, the next step is creating a plan to achieve them and then deploying it. A vital part of that process is identifying the resources available and making plans to acquire what is needed.

In the study mentioned initially 66% said they intended invest significantly in web based applications, online marketing, and e-commerce tools. They are eagerly seeking multiple channel opportunities, rather than just focusing on one like search engine marketing.

WebAntiphon Clear CRM makes that whole process considerably easier since it integrates a suite of products and services that are put into action based a plan intended for your specific goals and circumstances.


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