Monday, August 22, 2005

Exciting Updates & News Galore

There's so much exciting news that I hardly know where to begin. How about with this one.....

I still need to hear from you. Have you contributed your feedback to the survey yet?

I'm offering some "Thank you Gifts" you haven't seen anywhere else.
Healthy Computing guide
My Brand new eBook: Unleashing the Power of Your Simple Plan
Niche Essentials
Financial Planner
Get Out of Dept eBooks and more

Stop by the website and leave a message for the operator if no one is on duty letting me know of your interest or subscribe to one of my mailing list. You'll get your link to the survey within 24 hours.

Have you ever heard of Simpleology?

It's an amazing online coaching program that has everything you need to start learning about "The science of getting what you want". My friend Mark Joyner founded this system and as one of his exclusive partners on this project I can share this system with you.

Are you interested in getting what you want most out of life?
Simpleology is all about action. Taking positve actions that increasingly move you towards your targets instead of away from them. This system only enhances what Clarity 2.0 offers you. Together you get tools that generously equip and guide you as you begin living your first rate life.

Best of all you can get started with them both today for FREE!
Start Here to experience how Simpleology can change your life.

"If You Can Believe It,
You Can Achieve It"

Have I ever told you about Patricia from the Netherlands? She's on a mission to inspire the world. And one of the things she'd like to see happening, is an end to poverty. And for this reason she has released an awesome set of tools to help people reprogram their minds for more wealth, success and prosperity.

Take a look at what she's doing and find out:

* why success starts with the right mind set...
* how rich people think differently from poor people...
* the relationship between happiness and prosperity...
* what you can do to become more prosperous yourself...
* what it takes to become a millionaire in one year...
* why the world needs enlightened millionaires...
* why you want to aim for millionaire yourself...

Let me tell you right away that this isn't about getting rich quick. However, you do have an amazing opportunity dangling right in front of you...

Look for a secret link which says: Friend of Yvette Dubel, this is for your eyes only..."

Of course there's more good news to share, but I'll save some for next time. If you can't wait, hop on over the website and see for yourself.
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