Monday, October 11, 2004


Hello again.

Deepest apologizes for dropping out of sight. While I did reschedule appointments, I was recovering from a loss and I needed to take that time for myself. As anyone knows who's experienced a close loss, it isn't easy. However, life goes on and so must I so.....

I will be playing an exciting game of catch up for the next week. NOTE: I've removed the delayed pop-up. It was highly recommended by an "expert" so I decided to test it. It may have worked like a charm for the adult entertainment industry, but it wasn't working for me or my visitors. On the bright side, I did manage to install it correctly ;-)

I have also begun considering just how long I'm going to be keeping the special offer going. I can tell you it won'b be indefinitely and it will probably disappear without warning. And I'd like to thank those of you that have taken me up on my offer. I've enjoyed meeting and hearing from you.

A few more impending changes.....I'll be adding a new forum and deleting the old one. I know the popups were annoying and they really interfered with my testing of using a forum. So, I'll be adding a new one minus the popups and I hope that will encourage you to stop in and post. In addition, I may be taking some time away soon to work on my writing and documentary projects. During this time I will not be working with more than one to five clients at a time. I will also be updating the Simple Plan ebook (did you see the new cover?) for re-release after my return. The current special will be the last one before my rates actually increase, so if you've have any interest you need to act fast to get the best bargain.

The low rate was actually intended to make consulting services available to even more people, but I've learned it's more about mindset than money. So anyone that procrastinated, even though they really were interested, needs to take notice of this announcement. I'd really appreciate your assistance passing it along ;-)

The interveiw is up for the new Behind the Veil Live! My guest was Fernanda Rossi, you'll find a testimonial for my services from her at my website, discussing her business as a narrative consultant, writer, film maker and what she's learned along the journey. Go listen to it here

I think that more or less catches us up. I'll be in touch soon and as always, you are encouraged to share your thoughts and comments.

Here for your success,
Yvette Dubel

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