Monday, November 08, 2004

Look What's Waiting For You

"Yvette advised me as a personal coach and consultant on crafting a new business. Today that plan has become a profitable and successful business... I'm very grateful." -Fernanda Rossi, The Documentary Doctor NYC, USA

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Hello there,

The new and very improved forum has been relaunched with no popups ;-) It is a place to discuss both personal and professional relationship management, joint venture opportunities, promote special offers your business is conducting, or make announcement related to the launch of your new business. Go ahead stop in, say hello and introduce your self. I'll be making some special announcement soon and I'll be announcing them in the forum. If you're interested in starting or running an online business you will definitely want to check back often. Go now and post your introduction in Working At Relationships.

Then I want to invite you to test out the new Customer Service Rep (CSR) waiting to serve you. Now there's a CSR ready to help you 24/7. I've added this especially for those of you that have been considering my services and products but still have reservations. Any questions she can't answer now, she'll learn shortly.

Go ahead and visit the main page to give it a try. I'm sure she'll be able to help answer your questions and put to rest any doubts that relationship management will help you achieve your goals and enhance your quality of life. Besides, with the free consultation offer there's absolutely no risk to you.

What are waiting for? Go ahead and check it out now.

Also, I've revised my article "A Message for the Broken Hearted" and included it here. Please share this with someone you know who is suffering from that state.

Here's a fact for you, the Simple Plan System Package is about to expand. It will soon include software to help walk you through the same process I would in a paid consultation. That means the price is going to increase again. Anyone who didn't get it during the introductory period missed out on getting the package AND free upgrades PLUS 3 months of personal coaching for only $49! Now my schedule can't possibly accomadate that arrangement and the price has increased to $149, but that still includes free upgrads and 30 days of free consulting/personal coaching from yours truly. But for those that don't take advantage of this terrific offer, you'll see opportunity slip away again. Because soon the upgrade will be added, the price will increase and I'll only be offering two weeks of consulting/personal coaching and there will be no more free upgrades for life included in your purchase price. I know you're smart enough to know an opportunity when it knocks at your door.

I'm equally excited about the new software packages I'll be making available with products that will make starting/running your internet business a breeze. Remember one of the keys to success on line is keeping your overhead low. The lower your expenses the more quickly you'll hit your break even point and that will put you into profit earning territory more quickly.

I'm waiting to hear from you and look forward to helping you become even more successful, happy and fulfilled.

Here for YOUR success,


How Can I Help You?


"You might as well toss your cash in the fireplace to keep warm in the
winter if you're not extracting the hidden cash from your business
Yvette reveals in Don't Spend Another Dime To Increase Profits.

As soon as I downloaded your report I read that by tracking customer behavioral patterns and using other concealed business intelligence you can mine profits from
your business that most owners don't even know are there.

You give an excellent straight forward to the point illustration of the "Strategic"
use of business and customer data available to any business owner that's not afraid
to profit by using it!

I did the math and "tested" the numbers you gave in your illustration and you're
completely on point....

It's ironic that the key things that we spoke about during our session were covered in the Exploding Potential e-book that you gave me. After reading it from beginning to end, I now realize that you already knew that. The book confirmed alot of the things that I learned and knew but for some reason just reading it in your book after talking with you validated it for me. It's informative, well put together, and an excellent, brandable viral marketing piece.
Thankyou. I like your style.
Job well done.
You're ahead of your time!"

Andrew C. NY USA


A Message For the Broken Hearted

"The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear." --Herbert Agar

It may not be exactly what you want to hear, but I think this is especially true when it comes to relationships. The more emotional the situation the more truth there seems to be in that quote.

Are you wondering just what this has to do with you?

First, let me tell you this---I am a small business advocate that encourages its use as a platform for learning the lessons of responsibility, the best part of ambition...I want everyone to know what it feels like to dedicate each day to giving expression and focus to your passion! Are you ready to live from the best of who you are and be sustained by it?

I encourage those of you crying because some person didn't love you as much as you wanted to pay special attention. If you know someone in that boat, send them a link to this article.

There is an element of "you are alone" that we must all confront and accept as a part of life, instead of constantly seeking validation of that reality's denial.

No one else can enter your pain with you, nor can they fully enter your joy. Those are internal experiences. Not even the most ideal partnership can spare you from that reality. That is life.

Discovering the person you love is not who you thought can feel like a kick has landed in your chest. There plenty of unpleasant side effects and it's true no one enjoys them.

But what do you do when you're tired of crying because it feels like your eyes will pop out? Or when you're just sick of feeling sorry for yourself. No amount of crying will change what has happened. The past is over, nothing, no amount of wishing and hoping will change it. Let it go.

How long it takes for you to feel better depends [B]totally[/B] on you. When will you make up your mind to get on with living?

Hopefully you'll know where to turn when you've had enough of thinking in circles and getting nowhere. Reach out for help, whether that be to a person or reading material to help you move forward. But don't forget to return home to yourself. That is where the healing must happen.

What do you do next? Consider entrepreneurship. Those restless moments when you want desperately to call and beg him/her to come back are better used if applied to a productive aspect of building your enterprise founded on your passion and talents. In short, it focuses on what makes you feel good about being you and channels it into a productive endeavor.

Can't sleep? Then get to work on your simple plan for a future not overshadowed by the pain of yesterday.

Why? Because you have to begin breaking old patterns, taking actions that empower and validate you...the life you create for yourself. Focusing on your business is a way to begin working and focusing on your future, independent of self defeating relationships. Do you want to keep doing what you've proven doesn't work? I think I heard that was the definition of insantity, doing the same thing and expecting a different result. I know you're smarter than that.

This "simple plan" approach to your recovery has many long term benefits. Chief among them, it helps you become oriented with the concepts of relationship valuation that will enhance all of your future relationships, professional and personal.

With diligent conscious attention this can be an exercise in breaking old relationship patterns by creating a better relationship with yourself. Building your business is an investment in your future at the most fundamental level in a way that is founded on your talents and passion. Attention to your material well being is a basic expression of self love when you intend it to be so by harnessing what makes you feel valued. Also built into that approach is the fuel needed to motivate and keep you moving forward, joyful passion ignited by purpose. Have you ever noticed how great you feel when you're doing what you're good at and being validated for it?

This is why entrepreneurship works as an effective intervention. It's often easier to make the needed changes there. The pay off is obvious. Your business success is the key to affording the financial freedom and lifestyle you envision. Stop postponing your good until someone else shows up. You're already here and you are worth the effort.

(c) 2004 Yvette Dubel
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