Friday, October 29, 2004

Stop and Weigh In On This

Recently I’ve heard/read a phrase used a lot and I wondered is it just me or is it logical and necessary to define terms when they’re intended to carry significant weight?

Now by terms I specifically refer to the words used to construct a phrase, more to the point an idea. What is the phrase you’re wondering?
“Defending America”

It appears to me that it’s accepted that the words mean the same thing to those being addressed.

Someone then needs to define the purpose and goals of the communication as an expression that characterizes the relationship. Otherwise the communiqué is unclear and unlikely to create the kind of relationship I am assuming as the one being addressed.

This is something that is done commonly, but those words are intended to carry such weight. Another example would be a tag line associated with a popular product or business. When you hear the phrase you're supposed to immediatly conjure the imagery, ideas, sensation associated with their product.

In dialoguing about this I think alot will be revealed about how to effictively communicate in your relationships whether personal or professional.

How important is it to you to clarify your terms when communicating and do you expect it from others?Tell me about it..