Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Great News!

Your thoughts are the seeds of your success,
but it is your actions that form the roots.--Yvette Dubel

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Motivating Morsels

A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind.
Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi (1893 - 1986)

Welcome to the latest installment of Elements of Your Simple Plan for Success!

I am so excited about the news I have to share with you, but I know I need to pace myself. So let's go ahead and dive in.

First, let me update you about one of the announcements I made last time. I hinted at my new project called Behind the Veil Live! an internet radio show that I'll be hosting. I taped the first show last Thurs. and it went very well. In fact, it gave me a great idea. Actually, that and feedback I got from some of my visitors to the site.

I interviewed Tina Turner, of Reclaiming Venus. Her contributions will help premiere my new self help resources and small business resources sections.

It is my mission to create a resource that truly serves the global internet community, so tell me what you need.

The show will be available on line for you to listen to later this week, so check back here for the audio link. I'm sure it won't be what you expect.


Trivia Side Dish

Answers to last edition's trivia questions:

In Cockney rhyming slang, the meaning of the phrase "Would you Adam and Eve it?" means what? A:"Would you believe it?"

Sweden is the biggest user of ketchup spending$4 a year on it. Australia comes in second with $2.50 spent on ketchup each year. Third place goes to the United States and Canada who spend $2.20 a year on ketchup. How do other countries stack up: Germany $1.70, United Kingdom $1.60, Poland and Japan $1.40, France $1.20, and Russia $0.90.

Teenagers often have episodes of anger and negativity in which they slam doors and scream tirades. According to experts, most puberty-driven "snit fits" last an average of 15 minutes.

New Trivia Questions:

What is the most common place name in Britain?

Do most adults agree that children should be paid money for getting good grades?

If you are classified as a POSSLQ by the Census Bureau, you are what?

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Editorial Appetizer

I don't want this space to be associated only with problems, but also a place that celebrates and nurishes success.

In that light, I'd like to share some of my good news with you. I recently got some very kind comments from Bal Simon of Wealth Country.

I am delighted not only because he had such kind praise for my Exploding Your Potential into Success e-book, but because I have such appreciation for his no hype marketing style.

As a subscriber to his list I have most appreciated the rapport he's built and then the resources he's turned me onto.

So when he told me was going to be recommending my e-book in his next newsletter installment I jumped for joy!

Here's what he wrote:

"Yvette Dubel has created an ebook that covers all
the basics in a way especially helpful for new
entrepreneurs but even for experienced ones, too. I
like to think I know about lots of resources, and I do.
But it's a big world out there, and I'm the first to
admit I don't know everything. Some of the resources
Yvette points to give me completely new directions to
explore. And that says a lot. Thanks, Yvette."
Bal Simon

What does that mean for you?

It means that I will make you an exclusive offer. For TODAY ONLY I will give you my Exploding Your Potential into Success package for free. All you have to do is send me with your request by going to the main page and using the form. Complete the survey and mention your request in the comments text box. Then I'll send you the download link before the end of business today. Now it's almost Noon my time, so I will keep this offer open until Midnight tonight.

If you know someone who'd be interested in this offer send them a link to this ezine edtion.

Thank you for making time to stop by for a visit. I always look forward to catching up with you.

Here for your success,
Y. Dubel

Breaking News

The way to become a success is to focus your time and energy on success producing activities. I got the following in an email from Robert G. Allen and I had to share it with you.

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seminars and I have accepted challenges by the press and have
proven my strategies work.

You might remember me: I'm the guy that the Los Angeles Times
challenged to buy real estate with Nothing Down. With a reporter
by my side, $100 for living expenses, and armed with my knowledge;
I purchased 7 properties worth $772,000, all in 57 hours.

Regis Philbin made the next challenge. I chose Pat Watson from
his studio audience and after teaching her my strategies she
made $20,000 in the next 90 days.

Recently, I was challenged to prove my techniques on the Internet.
I said I could make $24,000 in 24 hours. With cameras rolling,
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Why do I tell you all of this?

Because I am ready to issue my next challenge:

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I want you to become one of my next success stories. So I am
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Dessert and Coffee

This time I want to share with you a resource I have benefited from making use of in my own marketing strategy. Web Ad.vantage is a full service Internet marketing, advertising, and public relations firm. Sign up for our award winning e-mail Internet marketing tips today! (more info)

After you check that out give me a sign that actual human eyes are reading this. I will be forever grateful for your feedback.

So until next time...

Here for your success,
Y. Dubel

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