Monday, June 14, 2004

Community Service on the Internet

Unfortuately, with so much going on lately I haven't been able to do much in the way of community service. But because I think giving back to the greater community is so important I decided to think creatively.

Do you know what I found? An opportunity. I found a couple of message boards where people go to seek advice. You can probably guess what I did. I started posting responses.

I don't know how much good it will utimately do, but it's a way to reach out to people who are already reaching out for help. The problem I keep seeing again and again is the lack of relationship to self....that and the power of denial.

I am frequently amazed at how many people are out there searching, reaking of desperation, for someone to love them. I know we all want to be loved, but I am amazed at how denial (probably rooted in desperation) convinces them that the most unlikely people are, in fact, suitable candidates...even when it is glaringly obvious only one person is *really* in love.

Yeah, I know I can't save everyone. I just hope that I can reach a few before they build their lives on lies and illusions.

I would love to see them all triumph and enter the arena of success.
And to help everyone along I'm recommending the following resources:

27 Business Ideas

The Emotion Prism 1-for-1

Blog Profit Ideas Exposed

Commit to your success just as you might to a romantic relationship. Remember, your commitment to success is representative of your relationship to yourself. So treat yourself well.

Here for your success,
Y. Dubel


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