Sunday, February 06, 2005

Every Achievement Starts with Those First Steps

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Now that we're almost's time that I make these communications a little friendlier. Therefore, the new more relaxed approach is being more vigorously applied. In fact, that was part of my list of "new-year's-like-resolutions", since I don't New Year's Resolutions anymore. Since one of the things I'm improving on this year is increasing the frequency of these communications I started with understanding what prevented that from happening.

In my case, an interesting (at least to me) expression of perfectionism. So before we move any farther, can we please all accept that this will not be an issue providing news on where the industry is headed.

The point in this message is rather my exercise in the reminder that:

"The journey of a thousand miles beings with a single step." Chinese Proverb

If it is my intention to help more people then that means I must get to know even more of the folks that read my posts, articles, and stories. That requires that I take a definitive step in that direction. For anyone that was previously unaware, this is that step.

I know that the key to helping others is beginning by understanding their issues as they see them.

My goal of writing to communicate with you more frequently is no different from goals you've set for yourself. In order to achieve them you must begin. Then you must refuse to be deterred, but willing to learn and adapt.

It is impossible to be successful if you are unable to adapt to changes. Change is the one part of life you can always count on no matter your situation. What you have to decide is how you will use the power available to you to shape what is created from those changes.

I learned a long time ago about the rewards of believing in the best of people while not denying what needed work. This is what allows me to believe in the best of humanity...the best in you.

Fundamentally, the experiences where I have witnessed the way my simple plan personal coaching and small business consulting based on the assumption of equality...the way it has transformed the lives of individuals has inspired me personally and professionally. It is the reason I continue to reach out.

I am reminded of a woman on the brink of suicide in the midst of a nervous breakdown over a man who had married someone else. This was after insisting during their relationship that he did not want marriage, family or children. While away on a business trip he got another woman pregnant. Two weeks later he married her. I met her three years after the first child was born.

Because this person is somewhat well known in the entertainment industry I won't use her name. This is the reason that I don't emphasize testimonials more. It's because few women want to admit the truthful reality of those low points to underscore their testimonial. She is among the ones that I consider a friend though she is no longer a client. I am immensely proud of her progress, which is not to say that she doesn't have rough days. But at least now she knows she is not alone, she is loved, she can reach out for help when she needs it, and she can choose to keep on living her life as best she can. Now she's proud of herself too.

In particular women who are well known do no want the world to know about their private sufferings. Who of us would, well known or not? However, I am convinced that if more people from diverse backgrounds realized how much relationships are alike from one person to another, then I think we could get some work done. But first we must take advantages of tools to assist us in facing our shame. Shame, by the way, is often the fuel of fear.

Then we need to pay closer attention to those that do it well and cultivate true lasting love based on mutual respect.

We don't need the pressure of keeping the public showing going. And that doesn't mean doing away with rules of civility in polite society. That's like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Until next time....

All the best,
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